About Us Education and Advancement of Girls and Women in Modern Day History

About Us

Education and Advancement of Girls and Women in Modern Day History

Our website is to empower girls with information necessary to make decisions for a positive, healthy, involved and successful life. To value themselves and be in charge of their lives by being assertive, standing up for themselves and what they believe in. To know that they are worthy of going after their dreams and being part of healthy relationships.


Peace and Unity

평화와 화합
Pyeonghwawa Hwahab


السلام والوحدة
alsalam walwahda

pace e unità


unitatis et pacis

S̄ạntip̣hāph læa khwām s̄āmạkhkhī

paix et unité


Most Bahá’í writings say that if you have a boy and a girl, and not enough money to send both to school, the girl should be educated first, because the “woman is the primary educator of the children.” The educated woman teaches and trains the children, and the children grow and develop through the woman’s wisdom.  CONTENT SOURCE

Educating Girls and Women

For twenty five years, the span of a generation, the data have been available to document the correlation between a variety of crucial development indicators and the education of girls. From reductions in infant mortality, fertility, and the incidence of AIDS to improvements in the environment, it has been amply demonstrated that it is the mother’s education that makes the difference1 and that the positive effects increase with every additional year a girl stays in school. When all the benefits are taken into account, educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment that can be made in the developing world.2 Thus the decision by the 39th session of the Commission to include under the priority theme of development a focus on educating girls and women sounds a responsive chord with Baha’is, whose teachings call for full and equal partnership between women and men. CONTENT SOURCE

Greater Importance of Educating Girls and Women

“The question of training the children and looking after the orphans is extremely important, but most important of all is the education of girl children, for these girls will one day be mothers, and the mother is the first teacher of the child. In whatever way she reareth the child, so will the child become, and the results of that first training will remain with the individual throughout his entire life, and it would be most difficult to alter them. And how can a mother, herself ignorant and untrained, educate her child? It is therefore clear that the education of girls is of far greater consequence than that of boys. This fact is extremely important, and the matter must be seen to with the greatest energy and dedication. CONTENT SOURCE

It’s Time We Had Universal Education for All Children

… the education of woman is more necessary and important than that of man, for woman is the trainer of the child from its infancy. If she be defective and imperfect herself, the child will necessarily be deficient; therefore, imperfection of woman implies a condition of imperfection in all mankind, for it is the mother who rears, nurtures and guides the growth of the child. … If the educator be incompetent, the educated will be correspondingly lacking. This is evident and incontrovertible. Could the student be brilliant and accomplished if the teacher is illiterate and ignorant? The mothers are the first educators of mankind; if they be imperfect, alas for the condition and future of the race. CONTENT SOURCE

Educating Girls: Vital to World Peace

In past ages humanity has been defective and inefficient because it has been incomplete. War and its ravages have blighted the world; the education of woman will be a mighty step toward its abolition and ending, for she will use her whole influence against war. Woman rears the child and educates the youth to maturity. She will refuse to give her sons for sacrifice upon the field of battle. In truth, she will be the greatest factor in establishing universal peace and international arbitration. Assuredly, woman will abolish warfare among mankind. CONTENT SOURCE

Education for Girls: A Personal Reflection

The education of girls is intimately linked with the equality of men and women. When girls are educated, they can better contribute to the advancement of society.  CONTENT SOURCE



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